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1 2006 Hyundai Grace cars are available on Usedcarsphil, ranging from ₱146,000 to ₱146,000. Visit the used cars 2006 site to look for further details on second-hand cars, Usedcarsphil brings you 9829 2006 used cars and 31192 Hyundai cars for sale to purchase your perfect car.

The most popular car body types

Currently, there are many various sorts of body cars that make up the automotive industry. Each model can satisfy the requirements and taste of the particular consumer group because of its own advantages. Some of them are as follows:

CUV (crossover)

Although more sophisticated and fashionable than SUVs, CUVs share the same lofty chassis architecture. The CUV is also smaller than an SUV in terms of size. This design, therefore, satisfies individuals who love the SUV looks yet wish to drive in confined urban spaces.

In addition to their small size and fashionable appearance, the CUV series' vehicles travel smoothly and perform rather well on moderately challenging terrain.


A sedan for sale can be identified by its three distinct compartments: the front engine compartment (front), the passenger compartment (body), and the rear cargo compartment (tail). Users of sedans may clearly feel the smoothness when driving at high speeds because of the sedan's low chassis and good aerodynamics. However, the sedan is also regarded as one of the vehicles with the potential to run steadily, quietly, and with little vibration.


Convertible is a variation of the Coupe that has been specially developed with a flexible roof that can be opened or closed while moving. The Convertible is a real "supercar" with a contemporary design highlighted by elegant lines.


Speaking of coupes refers to sports automobiles with aggressive and similarly contemporary appearances. The sports car has two doors, two seats (or two additional seats in the back), a convertible roof that slopes down to the rear, and a short rear end. Without B-pillars, the vehicle uses a large-capacity engine to reduce vibration while accelerating and boosting smoothness.


A wagon is a sedan based that looks a lot like the hatchbacks we frequently see. There is a ton of space inside the passenger and luggage compartments. In addition to having plenty of room for carrying other items, long-distance cars allow passengers to sit and relax in comfort. Additionally, the wagon uses less fuel.

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