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Usedcarsphil has total of roughly 113912 sedan for sale, which have respectively 2062 Lexus sedans, 26832 Honda sedans, 42875 Toyota sedans, 10220 Mitsubishi sedans and 1015 Suzuki. When it comes to price we have the highest price sedan cars is ₱7,850,000,000 for Toyota Land Cruiser and the lowest price sedan cars is ₱1 for Isuzu D-Max.

Automotives in the world today are divided into many different types of body cars. Each model has its own strengths to meet the needs and preferences of the respective consumer group. Here are some of them:

SUV (sport utility vehicle)

Possessing a sturdy, sporty design, a separate chassis design combined with a powerful engine system gives the SUV outstanding and powerful performance, suitable for users who have the need to drive off road. SUV models on the market today are designed with 7 seats, and 5 spacious doors, which is a suitable choice for traveling families.


A hatchback is a small or medium-sized car, suitable for families that need to carry more luggage. The structure of the hatchback line is slightly different from the sedan. Also, the inside space can be folded down to create a very flexible storage compartment. In addition, the chassis design of this car is quite high, helping the car move quickly and easily overcome bad and muddy roads.


Convertible is a specially designed Coupe version with a flexible roof that can be opened or closed when moving. With a modern design highlighted by refined lines, the Convertible is defined as a genuine "supercar".


Pick-up is a combination of a small truck and a family car. True to its name, in addition to the seat compartment, this car is designed with a rear cargo box, completely separate from the passenger compartment. Pickup trucks are capable of carrying large quantities of goods (about 500 - 700 kg). Besides, the chassis is designed like a truck, so it is able to move easily on many terrains. For users who often use the car to carry goods but still want a car to travel with their family, this pick-up line is the optimal choice.


Coupe is referring to sports cars with aggressive and equally modern styling. The sports car is designed with two doors, 2 seats (or plus 2 extra seats in the back), a convertible with a roof extending down to the rear, and a short rear end. The car uses a large-capacity engine, without B-pillars, to increase smoothness, smoothness and minimize vibration when traveling at high speed.

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