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Currently, the demand for pre-owned Nissan for sale is increasing with the rise of people's living standards. The used Nissan Juke business is professionalized under a complete system in the Philippine market. Now, has a total 672 of Nissan Juke cars. Nissan Juke has been a no-nonsense option on the second hand automobile market for people who are on a low budget and only want a vehicle for urban runabouts. The price ranges from ₱83,800 to ₱1,350,000 and it is said that this price is suitable for Filipinos.

The Most Popular Cars for sale In The Philippines

Subcompact Cars for sale: Toyota Vios, Toyota Wigo, Mitsubishi Mirage G4

The Toyota Vios comes out on top as expected. It has essentially evolved into the nation's standard automobile, serving as a first vehicle for novice drivers as well as couriers, taxis, corporate vehicles, daily commuters, and other uses. For individuals who merely need to get from Point A to Point B, it is desirable because of its general dependability and no-nonsense attitude. These are everywhere around the city when you stroll around. The Wigo and Mirage G4 fit the same description.

Compact Cars for sale: Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Toyota Altis

You can't go wrong with any of these 3 sedans, which are favorites of both younger and older people. They have the newest innovations as well as more comfort and elegance to beat out the competitors. These vehicles may be viewed by some as merely transportation from point A to point B, but they have the power to be driven spiritedly and then pull up to a 5-star hotel driveway.

Subcompact Crossover Cars for sale: Kia Stonic, Ford EcoSport, MG ZS

The Kia Stonic is a popular new car in the sector that also ranks among the top 5 for the most inquiries. The colorful colors you can specify it with have added to users' admiration of its eccentric appearance. This crossover is a force to be reckoned with at the pricing point, with plenty of ground clearance for navigating the city and room for about 4-5 adults to sit comfortably.

Compact Crossover Cars for sale: Ford Territory, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, Mazda CX-5

The compact crossovers, which are somewhat above the segment average, are ably led by the Ford Territory. You pay a little bit more for more room, refinement, current technology, and other luxuries that might not be available in areas with cheaper prices.

MPV Cars for sale: Mitsubishi Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Rush

These are the top conversions in a field where the ability to carry humans in smaller packaging is put to the test. Although refinement and passenger comfort have improved dramatically in this category over the past five years, these vehicles are still manufactured on a budget, and occasionally it shows.

Van Cars for sale: Toyota HiAce, Nissan Urvan, Foton Gratour

Vans are frequently set up in one of two ways: either they squeeze as many passengers as they can within as comfortably and as comfortably as feasible. Vans are the preferred mode of transportation for both larger families and business owners that require shuttle services. In this sector, the Toyota HiAce and Nissan Urvan have long been at odds with one another, but the Foton Gratour asserts itself with a respectable third place.

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