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The Hyundai I10 for sale has long been a popular choice among owners of commercial vehicles, and it continues to be so today despite not having seen many significant modifications to its mechanics or design over the years. The interior's spaciousness, dependable mechanics, and general simplicity should appeal to buyers of second hand cars. Now Usedcarsphil has a total of 884 used Hyundai I10 for sale in the Philippines. When it comes to price, the most expensive car is ₱2,800,000 while the lowest price is ₱250.

Currently, there are many famous auto manufacturers in the world, each brand has its own unique features to attract customers. Here are some famous car manufacturers in the auto industry that you can refer to:


Founded in 1920, this is a Japanese car company favored by many customers because of its luxury and fashion.

The unique feature of Mazda cars that makes customers excited is their compact style, which is aimed at youth and modernity. Not only that, but the operating system inside the car is also extremely advanced and durable, giving the user a better experience.


This is one of the most popular Japanese car manufacturers today. Toyota's unique feature comes from the Logo that represents 3 core points: product quality, customer care, and development efforts.

Therefore, this famous car company has always been favored by customers since its launch. Each model Toyota brings to customers is highly appreciated for its appearance design, stable operation as well as extremely reasonable price.


Established in 1947, until now, Hyundai has gradually become the "hegemonic" of the car field in South Korea. Thanks to the application of the most modern and advanced technologies to the production line, each line of Hyundai cars has extremely good performance. In addition, the eye-catching design and comfortable interior arrangement also make Hyundai always score points in the eyes of customers.

As the first choice for most families, Honda's cars with large capacity and very reasonable prices attract users in the low-cost car segment. Consumers highly appreciate the fuel economy of this vehicle in the context of increasing gasoline prices. Therefore, buying a Honda for the whole family is also a long-term savings method if you often move to the city and use it to travel.

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