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There are 8 used Hyundai Grace 2005 cars on Usedcarsphil, coming with from ₱150,000 to ₱380,000. Visit the used cars 2005 site, Usedcarsphil contains a lot of options with 8253 2005 used cars or Hyundai cars for sale for you to buy your ideal car.

The most popular car body types

Automotives in the world today are divided into many different types of body cars. Each model has its own strengths to meet the needs and preferences of the respective consumer group. Here are some of them:

SUV (sport utility vehicle)

Possessing a sturdy, sporty design, a separate chassis design combined with a powerful engine system gives the SUV outstanding and powerful performance, suitable for users who have the need to drive off road. SUV for sale on the market today are designed with 7 seats, and 5 spacious doors, which is a suitable choice for traveling families.

CUV (Crossover)

CUVs inherit the same tall chassis design as SUVs but are more stylish and complex. The size of the CUV is also more compact than that of an SUV. Therefore, this design satisfies those who are passionate about SUV style but want to drive in cramped urban areas.

In addition to the compact and trendy design, the CUV series also possesses relatively good performance and smooth movement on terrain of moderate difficulty.


Signs to identify a sedan are based on the structure of 3 separate compartments: the front engine compartment (front), passenger compartment (body), and rear luggage compartment (tail). Low chassis as well as good aerodynamics, so when using a sedan, users can clearly feel the smoothness when driving at high speed. And yet, the sedan is also considered one of the cars that have the ability to operate firmly, with low noise and limited vibration.


The Minivan multi-purpose vehicle with 7 or more seats, comfortable and flexible in use, is the best choice for customers who want to buy a passenger car or carry a lot of goods. MPVs usually have a higher ground clearance than sedans but lower than CUVs or SUVs


A hatchback is a small or medium-sized car, suitable for families that need to carry more luggage. The structure of the hatchback line is slightly different from the sedan. Also, the inside space can be folded down to create a very flexible storage compartment. In addition, the chassis design of this car is quite high, helping the car move quickly and easily overcome bad and muddy roads.


Pick-up is a combination of a small truck and a family car. True to its name, in addition to the seat compartment, this car is designed with a rear cargo box, completely separate from the passenger compartment. Pickup trucks are capable of carrying large quantities of goods (about 500 - 700kg). Besides, the chassis is designed like a truck, so it is able to move easily on many terrains. For users who often use the car to carry goods but still want a car to travel with their family, this pick-up line is the optimal choice.

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