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Lately, as people's living standards rise, there is a growing demand for used Chevrolet items for sale. In the Philippine market, the 2nd hand Chevrolet Suburban business is professionally organized under a comprehensive framework. There is a total of 234 Chevrolet Suburban cars on available for sale in the Philippines. The highest price is ₱22,000,000 , while the lowest price is ₱90,000.

Advantage and Disadvantage of buying a used Chevrolet Suburban


1. Lower costs

Used car buyers might benefit from the new automobile value's rapid decline, which is 20 percent in the first year and around 40 percent after three years. Lower pre-owned Chevrolet Suburban average prices also increase your chances of paying cash for your purchase or putting down a greater deposit. You might also purchase a Chevrolet Suburban with more features than you could previously afford.

2. Smaller loan balance

It's not surprising that used Suburban have smaller average loan amounts than new cars given their cheaper pricing. That might result in reduced monthly payments and a lower overall interest rate, depending on the loan's terms.

3. High-quality options

Numerous fantastic second hand Chevrolet Suburban are now available on the market, many of which have over 200,000 miles due to ongoing improvements in vehicle quality and dependability.

4. Quicker payoff

Loan terms for used Chevrolet Suburban are typically shorter than those for brand-new cars, allowing borrowers to finish paying off their cars sooner.


1. Reliability

Even while quality has improved, it makes sense that 2nd hand Chevrolet Suburban will typically be less dependable than brand-new ones. The more money you could have to spend on repairs, especially if the automobile is beyond the warranty period from the manufacturer, the older the vehicle. The reliability of a Chevrolet Suburban is also influenced by the previous owners' driving habits, which is why a vehicle history report is crucial. These reports contain any accidents, maintenance history, and the title status of the vehicle, including whether it has a salvage, rebuilt, flood, or lemon-law title.

2. No warranty

If you purchase a Chevrolet Suburban from a private party, you might not be protected against mechanical and electrical issues unless the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. On the other hand, dealerships may provide their own warranties for pre-owned cars.

3. There could be fewer options

For a specific model, new-car buyers typically have the option to choose the features, colors, and accessories they desire. When it comes to these preferences, used-car buyers may need to be more supple or do some comparison shopping.

4. Rates may be higher

Used Chevrolet Suburban typically have higher interest rates. This is due in part to manufacturer incentives for new cars, but it's also because purchasing a used car carries a higher risk. For instance, buyers with weaker credit ratings frequently purchase used goods. Another factor is that used-car values are less predictable, which makes it more difficult for the lender to estimate how much money it can make from the sale of the vehicle in the event that it needs to seize and repossess the vehicle.


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